NEBOSH Diploma

A NEBOSH Diploma is One of the Top Health and Safety Qualifications

Health and safety training is no different to training in other areas insofar as once a person has made up their mind to commit to it, they will often want to attain the highest qualification possible. And where health and safety qualifications are concerned, one of the highest out there is the NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, or NEBOSH Diploma for short.

Equivalent to a university degree-level qualification, the NEBOSH National Diploma is a comprehensive course which covers a significant amount of content, as can be seen by viewing the Associated Training NEBOSH Diploma course page and reading about what the course entails. It is important not to be put off by the daunting prospect of the timescales or amount of work involved, as with the right attitude and commitment to the course, the qualification is achievable.

A Minimum Level of Health and Safety Understanding is Essential

NEBOSH Diploma Health and Safety Qualification

Although many may desire to acquire one of the highest health and safety qualifications available, it needs to be remembered that just like other degree-level courses, it will require candidates to already have a strong foundation of workplace health and safety knowledge. For instance, before enrolling on a mathematics degree at university a student will already have studied maths at school and college and achieved a minimum grade requirement. The same is true for the NEBOSH Diploma; candidates must already have a certain level of knowledge, typically equivalent to a NEBOSH General Certificate or equivalent, in order to stand any hope of completing the course and assessment.

This is especially true because despite the many days of tuition required, there is a large element of self-study involved in the Diploma, with NEBOSH estimating this to be 225 hours (Source: Associated Training website). The National Diploma is not like the NEBOSH Certificate-level courses in which delegates are taught all of the information they require by the tutor (although there will still be self-study required) and so do not require any prior knowledge or experience. The Diploma builds upon existing health and safety knowledge, which is why any reputable health and safety training provider will insist upon candidates holding qualifications like the NEBOSH General Certificate before accepting them on the course and taking any money.

The NEBOSH Diploma is Challenging but Worthwhile

Earlier on we touched on how the NEBOSH Diploma qualification was achievable with dedication and commitment. Whilst absolutely true, there is no getting away from the fact that it is a tough qualification to achieve, and that the national average pass rate for the Diploma is much lower than it is for the NEBOSH Certificate level qualifications like the General Certificate. Like any recognised degree-level qualification, it is deliberately not easy to achieve, so that those who do pass all parts and attain it can be proud to be in possession of a qualification which is meaningful and leaves no doubt in anyone's mind that they have a significant amount of health and safety knowledge which can be used to great effect in creating a safe place of work for everyone. This, after all, is the main priority for workplaces and why managers commit time and financial resources into having a highly-trained and competent workforce in health and safety matters.

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